Would not Trade My Canon NB-6L For Any Other Battery Out There

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It is tough out there due to the job market, so I used to be extremely grateful to get a contract job for a neighborhood insurance coverage agency. Of course, I used to be grateful for the job, however I was most likely more excited as a result of it involved my ardour: photography.

My Canon Powershot is my baby. I've at all times beloved Canon cameras. That is the second one I've owned and I'm not disenchanted, aside from one thing.

It eats up battery power like there is no tomorrow. Which was superb within the beginning. However, once I had to substitute the battery, I made the initial mistake of buying a cheap generic one. What a mistake!

Nervous About My New Job

Once I bought the job for the insurance coverage company, I knew I wanted to get a new battery. I couldn't mess anything up, particularly as a result of if I did an important job they might supply me extra work.

I thought of many alternative batteries earlier than I decided on the NB-6L. The Canon NB-6L is an authentic Canon battery that works with a number of of their Powershot cameras, as well as with their Ixus cameras.

The specs on the NB-6L were impressive. It's assured to work with my Canon camera, and is warranted for 12 months. It fit my digital camera perfectly, and an added bonus was that it fit in my authentic charger.

First Days On The Job

Starting a new job is always stressful. I used to be nervous. Thankfully, the insurance coverage company gave me a brief record to start with.

They supplied a particular service to their long-time customers where, when the customers purchased a brand new car, they would not must bring it to the office for photographs. As an alternative, they sent a photographer to the customer's home or business.

The job turned out to be simple, and my nervousness went away pretty quick. The largest downside I had in the beginning was really finding a number of the addresses. At the back of my thoughts, although, I used to be considering how the NB-6L would stand up.

On the finish of my first shift I had taken over 100 photographs and the battery was still strong as ever. The pictures had been crisp and there was no lag time. I was so happy.

My new boss on the insurance coverage company was comfortable too. He gave me a longer checklist for my second shift. In-truth, he requested me if I wanted to do an additional day of work per week. I had been initially employed for under two days a week, so I jumped on the chance for extra hours.

Extremely Suggest The Canon NB-6L

The new battery performed perfectly. I never had any lag time, and that was after a couple hundred photos.

After I received my first paycheck, I was in a position to buy a transportable GPS for my previous car, so I didn't have any issues discovering anybody on my list anymore.

I am so glad I was capable of finding this job in these tough times. And the fact that I'm principally being paid to take photos nonetheless amazes me. I like my job, my camera and the NB-6L battery that makes it all possible.